Oversized Frame Square Sunglasses Men and Women

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Oversized Frame Square Sunglasses Men and Women

Oversized frame square sunglasses men and women European and American trend rice nail sunglasses one-piece cross-border glasses


1. No matter whether it is the eyeglass frame or sunglasses, it is necessary to collect the right leg first, then the left leg. The wrong way

will lead to the imbalance and skewness of the glasses, making them uncomfortable after wearing.

2. After removal, put the mirror face down into the glasses box to ensure that there are no particles in the glasses box, so as not to scratch the static film. Try to pack the glasses with the distribution mirror cloth before putting them into the glasses box.

3. Glasses may be unbalanced or even deformed after wearing for a long time. It is recommended to go to a professional glasses store regularly for adjustment.

4. Glasses shall not be placed in high temperature and humid environment for a long time, such as under the windshield, bathroom and kitchen, so as to avoid accelerated aging of lenses and deformation of lens frame.

5. When removing the glasses, make sure that the convex surface of the lens contacts with the object to avoid the abrasion of the mirror surface.

Lens maintenance:

1. If the lens is dirty, it can be wiped with distribution glasses cloth or washed under flowing water, and then gently dried with paper towel. Never wipe it with fingers or hard objects.

2. If the mirror surface is foggy and the water cannot be washed off, it can be washed with the water with detergent, and then it can be washed with flowing water twice.

3. When wiping glasses, special glasses cloth shall be used to avoid wearing glasses with small particles. The sweat of human body has certain corrosiveness. If the sweat is stuck, it should be cleaned in time. For the stains that are difficult to wipe off on the glasses, the neutral detergent with low concentration can be used.

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